Michelle Weaver

An Alabama native, Chef Weaver was raised with a passion for cooking and learned at an early age the importance of farm-to-table. Her formal training at the New England Culinary Institute combined with her Southern roots and global palette have come together to create a unique and spectacular culinary experience. Sourcing from local farmers and fishermen, her dishes also include some of the richest and highest quality ingredients from around the world.

After 16 years at the restaurant, and five years as Executive Chef, she continues to carve out a lasting legacy while developing the reputation of culinary excellence at Charleston Grill.

Mickey Bakst

Mickey has a genuine desire to make everyone smile. His passion to generate a warm, lively environment for his guests, while maintaining impeccable service, is unparalleled.

Mickey also spends a generous amount of his time with charitable organizations around the Lowcountry.

As President of Feed the Need and Co-Founder of Teach the Need, he uses his gift of bringing people together in order to help others.

Rick Rubel

Rick began his wine career at age 21 speed tasting wines at the Glyndebourne Opera house in England. He returned to America and secured a job with the Unique Restaurant Corporation (now the Matt Prentice Restaurant Group). Here Rick spent the next 10 years fine-tuning his craft, reaching a wine director level.

Rick has completed three sommeliers exams. Today he is one of few sommeliers of his level in the city of Charleston and he continues to build a resounding reputation for providing the most perfect and unique accompaniment to any meal.

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